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If you are interested in becoming an Authorized IIB Council Partner, please click on the tabs for more details. The Secure AIP area consists of marketing materials, posters, templates, training resources, brochures, e-books, sales techniques etc.

Become an Authorized IIB Council Partner ( AIP )

IIB Council Global Partnership Programs
Authorized IIB Council, IIB Council’s Institute of iBusiness, is a division dedicated towards developing courses in Corporate Growth Hacking. Corporate Growth Hacking is a skillset that allows Business Technology Professionals to utilize technological advancements, digital tools and online applications to enhance performance across business operations. Such skills are highly sought-after in Smart, Adaptive, Digital Enterprises.

"The world has shifted into a Digital World, so did we!“

As we are introducing the first Business Technology & Enterprise Digital Transformation Programs, we welcome organizations across the globe to join our mission to address the need of Professional Education for Data-Driven Economies, Decentralized Financial Ecosystems and Consumer-Centric Markets.

Our Training and Certification Programs are now present in over 145 countries and our organization accounts more than 700 Training Partners worldwide

IIB Council believes that synergistic partnership is a key facilitator in expanding horizons for effective education. As such, IIB Council accords great significance to its partnering initiatives. We presume that mutual investment is essential for each other’s success. Keeping with our policy of fair and transparent partnerships, IIB Council partners are expected to meet and maintain specific requirements for their partnering category and level of participation.

The tools, marketing, enablement and relationship benefits vary by level of partnership. Additionally, Partners are encouraged to demonstrate expertise in one or more Business Technology Training products. This mandate helps us standardize our quality of offerings globally.

Once you have decided to apply to become an AIP, please take the time to completely fill out the AIP application Form. The Partner Programs team will then review the application and follow up with you if more detail is needed. We will notify you of the status of your application within 21 business days

If you choose to join the IIB Council AiP program, there are a few simple steps to jump through:

  • Download the AiP Application Form.
  • As IIB Council has implemented a calendar system for renewals, all new applications which do not fall in January or July will need to include the transitory renewal payment of USD20.00 per month to bring the renewal period to January or July (whichever comes sooner).
Annual Contract Yes
Fee – Initial US $500
Annual Renewal Fee US $250
Multiple Location Requirements US $400 required for each additional branch
Certification or  Expertise in security technology focus Yes
An AiP need to place an upfront order of $5000.00 Yes
Staffing Requirements
Trainers required for delivering security certification programs
Employed Sales/Marketing / Business Development Infrastructure Preferred
Support Help Desk Personnel  No
Success Stories, Newsletter Articles other activities Recommended
References of customers with whom you have worked 1 reference
Named Primary Relationship Contact Yes

Download Application Form Here

When you become an AiP, you enjoy these special benefits:

  • Recognition as an AIP One of the most important benefits is your designation an Authorized IIB Council Partners, which gives you the right to conduct our trainings, deliver exams and use of IIB’s AIP and certification programs logos on your promotional materials which will effectively differentiate your program from other training providers.
  • Marketing : IIB will also provide you with marketing materials to promote your organization. Non-Accredited AIPs’s will not be allowed to run or promote IIB trainings. We will award your students with Certificates of Achievement on the completion of the training program. The AIP Certificate of Achievement recognizes your program as Accredited by IIB Council.
  • Business Support : Running a training center requires you to make an investment in sales and marketing to build your business. IIB has a variety of programs and resources to help you target your customers and market your services such as periodic training for your sales team, technical online training for your potential customers (First Look) which are conducted by IIB lead trainers and other special offers etc. We will also guide and support you to launch your first IIB class successfully.
  • The AIP Portal: The high-tech industry changes rapidly, and IIB Council is no exception. Through our partner portal, ASPEN—you have access to updates and information about the AIP program. You will learn about new products, best practices, special offers, IIB news, and much more.
  • Access to Latest Updated Cutting-Edge Courseware : can be expensive. IIB provides partners with discounted pricing on its annually updated IIB Official Curriculum.
  • Access to IIB Council Testing System : IIB Council provides only accredited AIPs with access to ECC Exam Center This will allow you to conduct IIB exams for students from your training premise. There is no need for the hassle of having the test elsewhere. However, please note that you need to complete IIB Council Test Center agreement and Proctoring agreements for confidentiality and security purposes.
  • Direct Access to Technical Support Certified iBusiness Instructors : As an AIP, you have direct access to IIB technical support through e-mail. Our technical support specialist can answer your technical issues and enquiries about IIB website, courseware and exam portal. If you are interested, we can nominate one of our lead trainers to help you launch and conduct our first class successfully.