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Accelerate your career growth with a Master’s degree from EC-Council University through your EC-Council certification

EC-Council strives to offer our members new learning opportunities whenever possible but we know our members have very hectic schedules! To help, EC-Council University has collaborated with EC-Council to create a credit transfer program for our members.

A Faster and More Cost Effective Way to Earn a Cybersecurity Degree

Are you looking for a way to give your cybersecurity career a boost on a limited budget and a tight schedule?

84% of companies are looking for professionals with a cybersecurity degree. Isn’t it time you got yours?

Your EC-Council certifications can now help you on your path to a degree when you enroll in the Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree programs offered at EC-Council University.

How does it work?

As a prospective EC-Council University student, you can now earn credits for the certifications that you achieved, easing your path to becoming a future information security leader!

  • You may be awarded appropriate credit points for your demonstrated knowledge gained from an industry certification.
  • You can receive up to 18 credit hours toward your Master’s degree and 30 credit hours toward your Bachelor’s degree. Credits are evaluated using the Prior Learning Portfolio.
  • Active EC-Council professional certifications such as CEH, CHFI, ECSA, CND, LPT etc. can earn 3 credits each in their respective areas.

Mapping EC-Council Certifications to ECCU Degree Programs

How to Apply?

To request credit based on industry certifications, please provide documentation of the certificates for the course(s) for which you are seeking credit. Credit for industry certifications is awarded based on an assessment by the ECCU administrative team. Certifications must not be older than one year past the expiration date.

Submit all supporting documents to [email protected] Within 5 business days, you will be notified of what credit you will receive and how it will apply to your degree plan.

To have one of our representatives contact you with more information, fill in the details below:

ECCU Credit Transfer Inquiry Form