• What is ASPEN?

    Aspen is a one-step gateway to multiple portals, products and services provided by EC-Council for its registered members. It is an integrated environment and a user friendly portal, where a user can navigate to various web pages through a single login. Aspen registered users can place orders for various products and courseware at their convenience with just a few mouse clicks. Aspen not only acts as a transit to EC-Council's services, but also as a social communication medium between its users. Aspen is an innovative concept that offers an easy access to a wide variety of EC-Council's contributions to the Computer security arena under one platform.
  • Store

    In Store, you can view the list of products; can purchase various products under the EC-Council's purview and download digital products of EC-Council. You can also add the list of products to your cart.
  • CBT Videos

    Aspen CBT Videos uses the power of multimedia DVD-ROM, expert video instructions, hands-on lab simulations, testing modules and around the clock online live mentors, each training class is presented in full motion video and audio allowing you to see all the steps, hear the detailed explanations, and perform the tasks - all in the convenience of your home or office.
  • Class Eval

    Aspen Class Eval (Course Evaluation) is an essential part of ensuring the quality of the EC-Council courses. Your feedback will contribute to maintaining and enhancing our course standards. After Submitting your Course Evaluation you will be having two options to Write Exam Either by Prometric Prime (OR) ECC-Exam Center.
  • Prometric Prime

    Prometric prime provides technology-based testing and assessment services. The purpose of Prometric's Internet-Based Testing (IBT) is to allow tests to be delivered over the Internet with a minimum of technology on the user's side. The IBT system allows for testing and administration within an HTML browser-based environment, making tests more accessible. Once the Eligibility code is saved in Class Eval the Prometric Prime account will be activated automatically for you.
  • EC-Council Exam Center

    EC-Council Exam center is EC-Council's web based exam delivery platform. Among some of the benefits include the ability to deliver exams in languages other than English and will meet the requirements for large projects requiring lower costs solutions.
  • Certificate

    ASPEN's Certificate section provides a complete solution to manage your certificates. Some of the benefits include: You can download your exam certificate in high resolution PDF format. You can download the exam transcript. It includes final result confirmed by the appropriate exam center. You can download certifications logos and view certification guidelines.
  • ECE Delta

    The EC-Council Continuing Education (ECE Delta) portal will brand, differentiate and distinguish a certified member as dedicated IT Security professional if he/she is willing to continuously learn and share knowledge to keep abreast of the latest changes in technology that affects the way security is viewed, deployed and managed. This is a key requirement of employers internationally and EC-Council being a major certification organization supports it.ECE Delta System allows members to record activities and events for the re-certification requirement.
  • Accredited Training Center

    ATC is EC-Council's Accredited Training Center which provides training to the students. You can download certificate, download document slides for the course as well as download logos and can send feedbacks.
  • Certified EC-Council Instructor

    The Certified EC-Council Instructor (CEI) program is designed for individuals, who want to become certified to deliver EC-Council's suite of professional certification programs. The CEI program provides resources for individuals to become industry-recognized trainers specializing in the field of information security.
  • Continuing Education Partner

    EC-Council Continuing Education Partners are now able to run EC-Councils newest course line up, the EC-Council Certificate Series. Secure Continuing Education Partners (CEP) portal contains all marketing materials, training resources, logos, and guidance documents required to launch the EC-Council Certificate series.
  • iLearn

    iLearn is a EC-Council Academia platform where students can download learning content such as PDF courseware, lab exercises, speakers slides and videos. It contains everything for a student to get through EC-Council certification exams. In My Plan tab you can find all the applied course documents. Here you can also see your access codes expiry details.
  • Academia

    Academia, where you can see your entire documents related to the applied courses and the full procedure i.e. how you can download the document and view the downloaded document. You can download digital versions of EC-Council Courseware here. You are bound to the license agreement while downloading these files. EC-Council courseware is protected using Adobe Digital Rights Management technology.
  • iLabs

    Setting up individual Lab Environments can be costly and extremely time consuming depending on the complexity. To solve these challenges, EC-Council has developed iLabs, a fully sandboxed Cyber Range where Infosec Professionals can hone their skills, launch attacks, perform investigations, and test new attack & defense tools with the click of the mouse. Each lab is a complete environment with Lab Scenarios, step by step instructions in the included Lab Guides, multiple attack and victim machines, emulated hardware & networking resources and dedicated hard drives packed with tools, viruses, malware, scripts, even vulnerable files, websites, and forensic evidence files.
  • Community

    Aspen Community Stay up to date on various EC-Council's Security certifications through Aspen's community. Keep in touch with fellow learners and instructors through reviews, recommendations and forums.In community you can give your ideas, suggestions/posts to forum and you can communicate and interact with the different profiles. You can also view the details of the other posts.
  • Ticketing

    The Ticketing system maintains lists of issues, as needed by you and then solved by the support system. It helps EC-Council to sort, prioritize and resolve your queries and issues to maintain higher standards of customers support and satisfaction.